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Dr. Joel Martin

Director of Research and Development for Digital Technologies

National Research Council of Canada



Joel Martin is the Director of Research and Development for Digital Technologies at the National Research Council of Canada.  He leads a group of 80+ researchers and developers focusing on data analytics and machine learning applied in a variety of areas such as machine translation and computer vision.

Dr. Martin spent his 25-year career both in academia and in the government investigating machine-learning techniques applied to natural language and bioinformatics.

He holds an M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (1987, 1992).  He also earned a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Manitoba (1986).

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Caroline Pernelle

Project Leader – Artificial Intelligence & International Organizations

Montreal International



As Consultant for Montreal International, Caroline leads the Worldwide Organization for AI (OMIA) Project which aims to regroup citizens, experts, and industries to define a normative framework for the AI projects: a sort of anti-doping agency for AI.


Previously, Director of Partnerships at IVADO, Caroline managed a team that helps companies to define collaborative research projects related to data science, operation research, machine andCaroline loves to create relationships between researchers and businesses in the industry sector to support industries and startups going through the big data and AI revolution. This is why she volunteered to deep learning by connecting them with a network of more than 1000 researchers.bementor for the first edition of Techstars AI in Montreal in 2018.

Before helping business to be more innovative at IVADO and face their digital transformation, Caroline spent nine years at Dassault Systèmes Canada working with Boeing, Sikorsky, Bombardier, Cessna, and others.

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Nectarios Economakis

Partner at the PNR



Nectarios leads business transformation and digital strategy for clients at PNR, the business growth consultant, and strategic management firm. Previously he was the first employee in business development at Google Montreal, helping to generate a year-over-year average growth of 50% since 2011. He participated in the growth of sales and profitability of many large corporations.


He also held positions at Cesart Marketing where he led their search marketing teams. Nectar holds a MSc from the John Molson School of Business and he is currently an investor and sits on the board of several startups.

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Julie Hubert

President & co-founder of Workland



Julie Hubert is President and co-founder of Workland, a fast-growing privately-owned company specializing in recruitment technologies, solutions, and services. Julie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University, an MBA from McGill and through the years she has had the opportunity to work on creating & marketing some of the biggest brands in Canada.


Julie is an active board member of PME MTL an organism whose mission is to finance high-potential SMEs. She is also Co-President of Technochic, a CEIM-led initiative to regroup and support women Presidents in the field of technology and she is actively involved with several not-for-profits. She is an active blogger, speaker, mentor, and influencer focused on business topics related to entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, recruitment and HR. 

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Alastair Monk

CEO at MotorLeaf



For over 15 years, Alastair Monk occupied leadership roles in several businesses, including as vice-president of sales, marketing and business development. As a volunteer, his economic empowerment initiatives focus on expanding business opportunities in his rural community of Sutton, Québec.


His experience as a consultant and serial entrepreneur inspired him to team up with agricultural engineers and computer scientists to launch Motorleaf. From his startup, he aims to reinvigorate the agriculture industry by developing technologies that empower farmers to do more, grow more, and gain added peace of mind from knowing that technology will assure that their harvest will turn out as planned.

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Dr. René Witte

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University & co-founder of Knowlet Networks Inc.



René Witte is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University, as well as a co-founder of Knowlet Networks Inc., both in Montréal, Canada.


His work focuses on research and development of productive AI systems, in particular based on semantic computing foundations and applications, such as natural language processing (NLP), text mining, automated knowledge management, and intelligent agents. Applications of his research include diverse areas such as software engineering, biomedical research, information system engineering, and social science.


He obtained his Ph.D. at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany in 2002. His research has been funded by major funding agencies and industry, including NSERC, MITACS, and the DRDC, with more than 70 publications in the last decade and several best paper awards. He has given numerous invited talks and conference keynote speeches and is a reviewer for international conferences, workshops, and projects.

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Dr. Bahar Sateli

Co-founder and Director of Knowlet Networks Inc.


Bahar Sateli is the co-founder and Director of Knowlet Networks Inc., a start-up based in Montréal that helps knowledge workers in research and development tasks through novel, AI-based solutions.


Bahar holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a M.Sc. in Software Engineering from Concordia University. Her research focused on the applications of semantic technologies in knowledge-intensive domains. She has several years of academic and industrial work experience, including start-ups in Montréal, as well as international academic collaborations. Bahar's work has won several international awards and competitions. In 2017, she was featured by Mitacs as one of 150 scientific innovators whose work will have a positive impact on Canada.


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Carolina Bessega

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder at Stradigi AI 



Carolina combines an entrepreneurial mindset alongside 20+ years of experience in research, development and broad programming. She began her career by obtaining her Ph.D. in fundamental physics, eventually becoming an award-winning professor and researcher. She was also appointed by the Venezuelan Science and Technology Ministry as the coordinator of the national program for graduate students in her field.


This led her to become the Director of the Nonlinear Phenomena Lab, where in collaboration with other professors, graduates and undergraduate students, applied different machine learning techniques, including neural networks, to various situations. After teaching computational physics and astrophysics for nearly a decade, she decided to pack her bags and move to Canada.


Her meteoric rise as Chief Scientific Officer and her extensive experience working in machine learning now allows her to work alongside renowned advisors and business pioneers in the industry to continuously create, innovate, and develop new technologies that solve real-world problems.


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Jesse Vincent-Herscovici

Vice President & Business Development


Jesse’s interest in evolutionary; neuro and organizational Psychology was the motivation behind his obtaining a graduate degree, while keeping one foot in the private sector. Through his involvement in a breadth of industries ranging from telecommunications and micro-electronic component distribution to niche haute couture labels, Jesse actively developed his relationship-centered approach to business development.


Jesse has been a member of the Mitacs Business Development team since 2009. As Vice-President, he is responsible for the strategy and large national business development team.


Working under a mandate to help foster Canadian innovation; Mitacs works with the world’s most innovative companies, helping to structure and support their R&D strategy with universities across the globe.


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Dr. Mario Rivero-Huguet

Head of the UK Science and Innovation in Montreal


Mario is the Head of the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) activities in Montreal, where he seeks to establish, foster, or strengthen collaboration and partnerships in research science between the UK and Canada’s East. He has a Master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Leipzig in Germany and a Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Health from McGill University with particular emphasis on innovative technologies to remediate soils contaminated with carcinogenic compounds.


Mario worked in Ottawa for Canada’s International Development Research Centre as a specialist in Environmental Health, committed to action-oriented and community-based research approaches. He has also worked as McGill Faculty lecturer and for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in North America in projects related to the heightened vulnerability of certain communities to environmental pollutants.